What is Body Dysmorphia , body dysmorphia kya hai ?

 What is Body Dysmorphia

we all have things that we'd like to change about our bodies those things like social media may allude to the contrary being conventionally attractive doesn't bar someone from being self-conscious or having a low self-esteem our thoughts perceptions feelings and behaviors can all impact how we feel about our bodies but for some people these aspects can take a negative body image to the extreme. What is Body Dysmorphia , body dysmorphia kya hai ?

what is body dysmorphic

 this is the case in people with body dysmorphic disorder body dysmorphic disorder or BDD is a condition where those affected have skewed perceptions about one or more aspects of their appearance to the point that their perceived imperfections can cause them severe emotional distress regardless of how they actually look people with BDD often ruminate on their perceived flaws a preoccupation that can even end up interfering with relationships and social interactions.

 What is Body Dysmorphia , body dysmorphia kya hai ?

 BDD is estimated to affect 1 in 50 people but in college and university students rates have been seen as high as 1 in 10 furthermore because those with BDD tend to be secretive about their insecurities and lack insight into their flawed perception the prevalence is likely even higher research has even shown that 45% of female and 25% of male college students overestimate their body size which contributes to dissatisfaction with their perceived appearance while obsession with appearance may seem like a stereotypically female concern. What is Body Dysmorphia , body dysmorphia kya hai ?

 BDD affects men nearly as much as women the main difference is the area of concern among other things women with BDD are more likely to worry about their weight skin nose breasts legs hips and stomach while men tend to be most concerned with their genitals body type and hair loss while BDD is recognized as its own discrete condition it shares many similarities with obsessive-compulsive disorder otherwise known as OCD in the way that it manifests like an OCD people with BDD demonstrate intrusive thoughts about that which they obsess over and will often undergo ritualistic behaviors. What is Body Dysmorphia , body dysmorphia kya hai ?

 to try to relieve the anxiety that they feel for BDD this can be seen in extreme efforts to alter or hide their appearance reassurance seeking or avoidance of social situations in the end however these tactics only reinforce their obsessive and intrusive thoughts the degree to which BDD can distort a person's body image is far from trivial one of the biggest concerns with BDD is the drastic suicidality in those affected. What is Body Dysmorphia , body dysmorphia kya hai ?

research shows that over in lifetime rates of suicidal ideation can be as high as 80% with up to a quarter of people with BDD actually attempting suicide one study in the United States even reported that the rate of successful suicide attempts and people with BDD was 45 times higher than the general population. What is Body Dysmorphia , body dysmorphia kya hai ?

fortunately there are treatments that are effective in dealing with BDD combination therapy one which combines both a psychological therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy and pharmaceuticals called serotonin reuptake inhibitors is the first line of treatment for BDD serotonin reuptake inhibitors otherwise known as SSRIs .

our medications that can improve the core anxiety and obsessive symptoms of BDD by slowing the degradation of serotonin in the brain cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT then helps with the longer-term prevention of intrusive thoughts and maladaptive responses . What is Body Dysmorphia , body dysmorphia kya hai ?


body dysmorphic kya hai

unfortunately because people with BDD generally have an inability to distinguish the perceptions about their body from reality many don't seek psychological or pharmaceutical therapy and instead turn to extreme measures such as cosmetic therapy to relieve their distress in a recent study of 200 patients with BDD over a third of them had received rhinoplasty nearly one in 10 had undergone breast augmentation. What is Body Dysmorphia , body dysmorphia kya hai ?

another study estimated that three-quarters of BDD patients sought surgical and non psychiatric treatments to address their concerns with two-thirds receiving these treatments while everybody goes through ups and downs in their self-esteem it's important to step back and assess the role of that body image plays in your life there's a very fine line between a normal critique of your appearance and an unhealthy and even delusional dissatisfaction with what you see in the mirror it never hurts to seek.

help if you think that your body image is interfering with your ability to function and furthermore if you're thinking of hurting yourself or me know someone who might be here are some resources where you can get help you don't have to go it alone .

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